Updates since Darktorizo's release in January 2012

New record #1 added containing version and release information.
You can see what version of the GALocations you have loaded by doing a search of 'gaversion' under the Atlas/Search tab in the GA Decal GUI.

Correction of coordinates with the decimal point in a incorrect place.
Example 434.0N 51.7E compared to 43.4N 51.7E when corrected.
- Healer Sanami Siohiro
- Healer Sunwi
- Kento Do the Grocer

Updated with HD locations.
- Tibri`s Cave
- Tou-Tou to Snowy Valley Portal
- Renegade Garrison
- Facility Hub (half done)
- Town Network Portals (all are HD and updated to their new coordinates)
RedKimseth will be doing a new release of GoArrow to make use displaying the HD coordinates.

Locations that should had been retired. Three town-to-town portals were not flagged as retired and were still being used for routing.
- Shoushi to Hebian-To
- Shoushi to Tou-Tou
- Shoushi to Yaraq

New Locations Added (using HD)
- Steward (npc)
- Facility Hub (N E) Tusker Barracks
- Geraine's Study
- Shadowy Refuge
- Soul Hunter's Lair
There is much more to catch up with and add to the database from the last few patches.

Starting to add level restrictions information to NPC who are committed to one quest. This should give you a heads up on being the proper level to proceed. Only a few are marked so far.

Definition of 'HD'

I am now using coordinates with 5 decimal place accuracy. I nick-name 'HD' for High Definition location coordinates. This is something that GoArrow has always had the ability to use and track.

Here's a example of Fiun Rehlyun at the Fiun Outpost.
He is located at 95.9N 57.0W

His old coordinates in the GoArrow XML was ..

His new HD location ..

Where he stands by himself, HD is not really needed (and a bit of overkill). Now, apply the same idea to the portals in the Town Network. Better yet, the portals at a Settlement Portals locations. Then the value is gain.